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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Holly Kile


  1. Don't Let Organization Become a Distraction
    16 Mar, 2018
    Don't Let Organization Become a Distraction
    As a virtual assistant, I can't begin to count the number of times prospects and clients have said, "If I could just get organized, everything would be smooth sailing" (or something similar). It's true, when we're overwhelmed and we're not delegating, our sense of organization tends to get....well....lazy. It makes sense, right? You're in a bigger hurry and you're more tired so you don't take the time to put the file folder back where it belongs and you have bigger stacks of "I can't even think
  2. Take The Time To Celebrate
    10 Mar, 2018
    Take The Time To Celebrate
    I've recently had some amazing things happening in my business. At my core, I'm super grateful and am proud but I'm guilty of doing something I think we all tend to do. I didn't really notice it until my coach point it out. I'm guilty of having the success and then moving right on to whatever the "next" step is. Jumping right in with both feet. I'm guilty of not actually taking the time to celebrate the success. Why am I sharing this with you? Because when we do this, when we make it all about
  3. 5 Little Things You Can Do To WOW Your Clients
    02 Mar, 2018
    5 Little Things You Can Do To WOW Your Clients
    Our clients tell us frequently that they even though they know we have a full slate of clients, they feel like they are the only ones. They feel special. This brought to mind the idea that there are some really simple things you can do to WOW your clients and make them feel special. At the end of the day, clients want to feel loved. They want to feel special. But more importantly, they want to feel trust in you. The client relationship is sacred. Our approach has always been to treat it like a
  4. 27 Feb, 2018
    Systems and Money: How to Systematize Everything from Invoicing To Tax Preparation
    Here’s an all-too-common scenario: A seemingly successful coach (or service provider) is hard at work growing her business. She’s working lots of hours, and her hourly rate is respectable. But her cash flow is dismal. Why? Because she’s working so hard that finding the time to actually take control of her money is impossible. Invoices don’t get sent on time. Past due balances are ignored. Taxes aren’t done. And maybe worst of all, she’s got dozens of recurring payments that go out
  5. You're Worth It
    23 Feb, 2018
    You're Worth It
    I was having a conversation (actually this same thing came up multiple times this week) about how long it took me to hire a coach. Now, the logical side of me says that I was slow to pull the trigger because I couldn't afford it but that's really B.S. It's almost NEVER about the money. There's not a single one of us who can't say that when we really wanted something or truly needed it that we didn't find a way. Your car needs repairs, you find a way to pay for it or you figure a way to get by
  6. 20 Feb, 2018
    Networking Systems and Strategy: How to Network Like a Ninja
    You know it’s critical to your success, but are you doing it with forethought and a solid strategy in place, or do you just “wing it?” Admittedly, most of us are squarely in the winging it category, but there are some quick and easy changes you can make that will put even your most important networking tasks on autopilot. Outsource the research: First step, hire a VA who can find and connect you with potential JV partners, affiliates, guest interviews, and all the other marketing options at
  7. Want To Know How To Delegate?
    15 Feb, 2018
    Want To Know How To Delegate?
    As a Virtual Assistant firm, we work with business owners who are all at some stage of overwhelm. Sometimes they know exactly what they want to get off of their plate and sometimes we have to talk a bit to figure out what "help" looks like for them. If you don't have a clue what to ask for, don't worry, you're not alone. In fact, you may even be in the majority. Delegating isn't as easy as people make it sound especially if you've been doing it all by yourself for a while. Truth be told,
  8. Create Brand Value Before Brand Visual
    10 Feb, 2018
    Create Brand Value Before Brand Visual
    I was in a recent Facebook group where a woman new to business was asking about branding. She was concerned about hiring a branding specialist to help with her logo, website, and other visual collateral. She expressed fear because of the money. The truth is, figuring out what your brand value is and showing that is much more critical than the brand visuals. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a HUGE proponent of having a professional visual brand manager. I have one. However, I'm also at a point in my
  9. 06 Feb, 2018
    When Good Systems Go Bad
    You did the work. You put systems in place. Then why in the %$&#!@ is it not working like it should. You have a system malfunction. A system failure. Just like a mechanic would do for your car, it’s time to run a diagnostic. The first thing to do is to identify what specifically isn’t working. Don’t just say “I’m not getting sales”. You have to be more specific than that. This is a critical step in fixing the problem. Next, determine if it’s not working because there isn’t actually a system.