HJK Global Solutions is a boutique consulting firm specializing in creating leverage for entrepreneurs and their small to medium-sized businesses. We offer unique solutions that enable owners to maximize revenue through effective use of virtual tools and teams. Whether you need a done for you solution or just want guidance on how to do it yourself, our team is here to support you.

"We approach our work with clients as partners. We're invested in their success."
Virtual strategy expert, Holly J. Kile, has been supporting entrepreneurs virtually for more than a decade. Her experience as a virtual assistant and online business manager combined with her expertise in business strategy makes her an ideal partner to work with growing businesses. Holly is passionate about helping businesses grow with a virtual team as well as helping teach those who desire to work as a virtual assistant how to create a professional, successful business for themselves.
Operations Manager
"I love our work. Every day presents a new opportunity to help a business grow."
Creative Director
"A brand isn't a logo. A brand is an emotion...a vision. I'm here to bring that emotion out in a visual space."
Operations Manager, Amy McKee, is responsible for maintaining client relationships and managing ongoing membership programs and client support for HJK Global clients. Her experience as a business owner and forward thinking creativity means that clients always receive a personal touch along with innovative support solutions.
Creative Director, Adam Parsons, is responsible for every visual brand element of the HJK Global brand. Adam is a master at creating a visual brand that expertly supports not only the content but also the mission and vision behind the organization. In addition to maintaining all visual element of the HJK Global Brand, Adam also works with HJK Global clientele to create and manage their visual brands to give them the most powerful visual presence possible.
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